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7bis vlog by famous dutch blogger by Esmeralda Attema!

Thank you Esmeralda for your wonderful video!

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Hi sweet people,

This time not a week vlog,
but something else very interesting..
7bis, un bonheur à porter!
I beg you pardon?
Hihi yes, that’s French.
A couple of weeks ago i’ve ‘met’ Nathalie from
Bijoux-7bis at Instagram.
She designs (with her husband, Laurent) several classy jewelry.
I fell in love with their collection immediately.
Obviously i don’t need to explane why.

7bis is a chique and amazing jewelry brand founded by Nathalie and Laurent,
two jewelry designers who are born and raised in Paris,
the city they love and live in.

They named their collection 7bis, because 7 is their lucky number.
Besides that their oldest daughter was born in 2007 and
it also happens to be the year when they launched 7bis.
Bis in French means repetition.
For example in a musical context, it is used as a direction to repeat a passage.
This is somewhat symbolic for them professionally and personally,
they are not only a couple but they also work together as jewelery designers.
Nathalie and Laurent complement each other in every aspect of their lives.
Their passion is to design jewellery that emanates a message of luck,
happiness and poetry from a dreamlike world where everything is possible.
They specialize in small refined jewellery with small pendants
that can also be good luck charms which you can wear on any occasions
bringing luck to you wherever you go.

The pendants may vary depending on your taste and beliefs,
ranging anywhere from the traditional four leaf clovers
to horseshoes or wish bones and lady bugs.
It can even be special symbols or items that are personal such as pineapple,
or fox head or dreamcatcher as these items represent
HAPPINESS WITHIN EVERYONE’S REACH which is the 7bis motto in French
“7bis, Un Bonheur à Porter.”

*Bonheur: Happiness, Luck
*A Porter: To bring, to wear, to reach

A variety of items for every woman.
I love it!

You can buy their items at selected stores
and for the Netherlands soon available at several Dutch webshops!



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